Hi everyone. My name is Anna Knor, I am an artist and toys designer. I design and create unique and delightful items. All of them are handmade in Cambodia from ecologically pure product and some of them from recycled materials.

Cambodia has very unique situation having nearly an unlimited stock of used cloth, yarns, fiber polyester and scraps of materials from factories. All these is getting a new life in my items.

At the same time, all the items are handmade by Cambodian villagers or people from suburbs of Phnom Penh. Most of them don’t have proper full-time job, and making toys gives them an opportunity to earn money and obtain new skills. After designing of items, I prepare crocheting or sewing schemes, go to the village and teach people how to make them. I control the quality of each item myself, so you can be sure that each of them made accurate and well.

I am able to create consignment of items for your store based on your preference or design.

Best regards,

Anna Knor

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